Rocking Horse Winter III H.T.(Mar 2023) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Abbott, MeghanWorktabSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Ainbinder, CourtneyLead StarBNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYBerry
Albrizio, RosemarieFlash HarryBNRAccepted
Albrizio, RosemarieRamdam de MonsSNRAccepted
Alexander, DarrahHSH Mosstown MexicoOMAccepted
Alexander, DarrahSunShinerOTAccepted - Incomplete
Alexander, DarrahLayla LFSOTAccepted - Incomplete
Alland, JennaCarro de la LecheSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Allport, ViennaDHI Zatopek BIRAccepted
Allred, JeanineEarly FlightOPAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYAllred
Allred, JeanineLuna des TerdrixONAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYAllred
Applebaum, AvaFE Bail Me OutMRAccepted - Incomplete
Apted, LisaMerlo VDLNHAccepted
Apted, LisaYeats RoyalePRAccepted
Armstrong, LilyTwo Step ProgramJTRAccepted
Armstrong, LilySir OberonJTRAccepted - Incomplete
Baker, RileySpeedy MJNRAccepted
Baker, ShanonFernhill KarambaOPAccepted
Baker, ShanonFly BoyOIAccepted
Banks, AnnaPrimrose BMDOMAccepted - Incomplete
Barbour, CristinaRoyal OakOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Bast, DeclanFE City BoyNHAccepted - Incomplete
Bearer, KateJustfollowmyleadOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Bellissimo, LucienneDamorkusOMAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment Reference,EE Payment ReferenceYBellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneDuke's JoryOMAcceptedEE Payment Reference,EE Payment ReferenceYBellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneEaster StarOP-FAcceptedEE Payment Reference,EE Payment ReferenceYBellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneDyriOI-FAccepted - Incomplete50.00Entry: Missing
Stabling: Missing
Belluso, LiamLive In The MomentNHAccepted
Benefiel, AshtonKingston Van MeerzichtPRAccepted - Incomplete
Benefiel, AshtonLibris CharlotteOMAccepted - Incomplete
Benefiel, CherylTreliver DrambuieSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Bennett, AbigailRoll The DiceBNRAccepted
Bennett, AbigailSM Ravin's TreasureBNRAccepted
Berry, HunterEleganceBNRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYBerry
Beutel, AngelikaHarrisonONAccepted - Incomplete
Beutel, AngelikaClinograafONAccepted - Incomplete
Bianco, DarbyFinding NemoBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Bingham, MaegenNot So NormalPRAccepted
Bittle, TessLegolasBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Boutin, MelissaObeah Dancer GSOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Bowers, AmyDel Mar BelleIRAccepted - Incomplete
Bowersox, JoeMercuryPHAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYBowersox
Bowersox, JoeCape Silverstar ZTHAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYBowersox
Boyd, KristiFenwayBNRAccepted
Boyle, ChloeCambaldaMRAccepted
Brannigan, JenniferDuke's DuvelOPAccepted
Brannigan, JenniferCavalier's RomeoTHAccepted
Brannigan, JenniferFE LifestyleOIAccepted
Brannigan, JenniferKismetOIAccepted
Brannigan, JenniferMighty SoldierOBNAccepted
Brannigan, JenniferStella ArtoisOPAccepted
Brekken, CathrynRedtail SorentoOTAccepted - Incomplete
Brennan, AveryNo Stranger To The RainJTRAccepted
Brickell, RuthWhitfieldJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Brost, ShelbyQuality CorruptionNHAccepted
Brown, CourtenayBA MessengerIRAccepted
Brown, MillieAbove The FoldBNRAccepted
Brown, RebeccaFernhill Quite FranklyOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Brown, RebeccaA.C. Blue-KLOTAccepted - Incomplete
Brown, SamanthaZONAccepted - Incomplete
Bryer, JulieFernhill DynamicOTAccepted - Incomplete
Burdette, MelissaLH Moment in TimeBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Burkhardt, HeatherThe American WayNHAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaLike A BossOMAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaMint MonsterOPAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaRight Wing ManOIAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaWhatisyourproblemOIAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaMurphy's Got CharmOPAccepted
Burnett, DianaSomersbyOTAccepted
Burnett, DianaGolden NuggetOMAccepted
Byars, IselinBloomfield Pocket MoneyJTRAccepted
Byars, IselinHH GoldfinchNHAccepted
Byars, SylviaCSF Dassett DecoyMRAccepted
Byars, TheodoraHH GunsmokeJTRAccepted
Byyny, JanBeautiful StormOI-FAccepted
Caflisch, BrittneyBalance DueSTRAccepted
Cameron, JadeCiti ShinerOTAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYAlex Martini Eventing
Caneer, SherriSpeed GracerSNRAccepted
Carlson, LauraKilkelly See The DifferenceBNRAccepted
Carpenter, CaitlynFernhill Regal BOTAccepted - Incomplete
Cauffman, StephanieChatsworth StarmanOMAccepted - Incomplete
Chance, AmandaLike Magic WTWTHAccepted - Incomplete
Chizek, ElisabethMilitary TraditionSTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYBig Time Eventing
Clark, MacyIsland VibesOBNAccepted
Concolino, AlexisLeo DONAccepted - Incomplete
Cooke, DanaFE GlamourOI-FAccepted
Cooke, DanaFE Monte CarloTHAccepted
Cooke, DanaFE NacominaOTAccepted
Cooke, DanaSawyerTHAccepted
Craig, AlyssaSBT Clover RoadMRAccepted
Crutchfield, MattIndepender J W BONAccepted
Dahms, TriciaYule Do ItONAccepted
Danielson, StellaPHE KeepsakeOMAccepted - Incomplete
David, HeatherJacksons ThunderSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Davis, AudreyWillowJTRAccepted - IncompleteRocking Horse Release: Missing
Davis, AvaTimothyMRAccepted
Davis, MayaRedfield ConfiteJTRAccepted - Incomplete
Davis, MayaSE NeverlandJNRAccepted - Incomplete
De Campo Marambio, GuillermoAnahuac SDNOPAccepted - IncompleteRocking Horse Release: Missing
De Campo Marambio, GuillermoCastigadoOPAccepted - IncompleteRocking Horse Release: Missing
De Campo Marambio, GuillermoExtranoOMAccepted - IncompleteRocking Horse Release: Missing
De Campo Marambio, GuillermoQUELITEOIAccepted - IncompleteRocking Horse Release: Missing
De Campo Marambio, GuillermoVisi SDNOIAccepted - IncompleteRocking Horse Release: Missing
DeMarle, KathleenFire the GreenhornSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Dickerson, GabbyLord CalegroOIAccepted
Dickerson, GabbyMilano-Quick TopOBNAccepted
Dickerson, GabbyCheeky GirlOIAccepted
Dickerson, GabbyGortglas LupinOMAccepted
Dickerson, GabbyTop CarreraOMAccepted
Dickerson, GabbyFrijoleNHAccepted
Dickerson, GabbyTop SecretOTAccepted
Dorr, CorneliaDaytona Beach 8OIAccepted - Incomplete
Dorr, CorneliaDHI Qyaracolle ZOIAccepted - Incomplete
Dorr, CorneliaMokkaOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Doughty-Hume, EllenWe Were On A BreakIPAccepted - Incomplete
Doughty-Hume, EllenSahara RSFOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Doughty-Hume, EllenSynderella OBNAccepted - Incomplete
Duarte, AnnemarieRather BoldlyMRAccepted
Duarte, DalyPegasus PrincessMRAccepted
Dyer, AudreaAvengerOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Eardley, OndineFernhill OptimistTHAccepted - Incomplete
Ebhardt, AmeliaFernhill In MotionOMAccepted - Incomplete
Edwards, MeganGlobal DynastyPHAccepted - Incomplete
Edwards, MeganPaniniNHAccepted
Elortegui, CatPrivatisedONAccepted - Incomplete
Engle, CateArmoniSTRAccepted
Englund, CalliaBoss IndyOMAccepted - Incomplete
Etheridge, AmyRoyal LufttanzerOTAccepted - Incomplete
Evans, AmyGlobal MelodyNHAccepted
Fanello, JuliaFE Prince of DarknessOMAccepted - Incomplete
Farley, MiaRedfield JimOTAccepted
Farley, MiaInvictusOPAccepted
Farley, MiaPhelpsOIAccepted
Farley, MiaBGS Calculated ChaosOPAccepted
Farley, MiaBGS FirecrackerOIAccepted
Fazio, LauraRoyal Dancer 43MRAccepted - Incomplete
Fiorita, CocoOskarBNRAccepted - Incomplete95.00EE Payment ReferenceY
Fitzgerald, KathleenSpotted ChapSTRAccepted
Fitzgerald, KathleenGlobal PixieSNRAccepted
Fitzhugh, AnnaNoordsterONAccepted
Fitzhugh, AnnaShirsheen Deal Me InPRAccepted
Fleming, JanelleFly Me CourageousOI-FAccepted - Incomplete
Frakes, ChloeRykerJNRAccepted
Frakes, ChloeSukiJNRAccepted
Frank, CatherineDeadpoolJTRAccepted - Incomplete50.00YPalmer
Frank, CatherineDriving Miss DaisyOBNAccepted - Incomplete50.00YPalmer
Frank, CatherinePolitely PricelessOBNAccepted - Incomplete50.00YPalmer
Frank, CatherineDickens of Holme RanchJTRAccepted - Incomplete50.00YPalmer
Fredericks, ClaytonFE ThunderstruckOMAccepted - Incomplete
Frost, ChristinaGrammi DanceSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Fulmer, AbigailState of ReverenceOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Gardiner, AmandaFE Crack the CodeONAccepted - Incomplete
Gardiner, MeganDiva JaneONAccepted - Incomplete
Gilbert, EmelineEWSZ MozartOPAccepted - Incomplete
Gilbert, EmelineLancasterOPAccepted - Incomplete
Glazier, MadelynVC Haston Maupertuis FEHSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Glofka, HaleyBogue SoundONAccepted - Incomplete
Goodman, StephanieDrs ResoluteOP-FAccepted
Goodman, StephanieLord LimonOP-FAccepted
Gore, NataleannEffervescentMRAccepted - Incomplete
Graham, MichaelTake Me To ChurchONAccepted
Grald, ArielAdagio's NobilityOPAccepted
Grald, ArielBelline Cavalry ManOPAccepted
Grald, ArielCullintra End GameOMAccepted
Grald, ArielIn VogueOP-FAccepted
Grandia-Dodson, AnniHSH Bold DecisionOP-FAccepted - Incomplete10.00EE Payment ReferenceYTeam Chaos
Grandia-Dodson, AnniMistralOTAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYTeam Chaos
Grandia-Dodson, AnniCity SerenadeOTAccepted - Incomplete
Grasso, LucyApolloBNRAccepted
Greene, AshleyHSH PhoenixPRAccepted - Incomplete
Hackett, LucianaAs Good As CashJTRAccepted
Hale, MacyArdeo AudacityJTRAccepted - Incomplete
Harris, BeckyMr. Double StandardNHAccepted - IncompleteCheckYDestiny Farm
Harris, LaurenFE ClaptonNHAccepted
Hartsock, MadelineWestwick RebelOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Hartsock, MadelineCLH Soldier BlueOTAccepted - Incomplete
Hatcher, CatherineRathPierce LordJTRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY
Hawkins, HannahDidgeridooIRAccepted - Incomplete
Hays, AprilAnteros HSHSNRAccepted
Hayworth, AshlynFernhill BarndarigTHAccepted - Incomplete
Hellerman, SamRoherynSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Hernández Sánchez, BischelVaqueroOIAccepted - Incomplete
Hewson-Slezak, KatlynFernhill Choco RoyaleOPAccepted - Incomplete
Hickey, LisaBlackjackSTRAccepted
Hoff, LizzieHSH Best Kept SecretOTAccepted
Hoff, LizzieHSH Limited EditionPRAccepted
Hollberg, Hannah SueHot ShotNHAccepted - Incomplete
Hollberg, Hannah SueRocksterOMAccepted - Incomplete
Hoos, AudriColonial Cross OBNAccepted
Hoos, AudriBallylennon's Mr. DunNHAccepted
Hoos, WilliamBWE CervantesOTAccepted
Hoos, WilliamDavarusus HOTAccepted
Hoover, LaurenMonbeg CapricornOP-FAccepted
Hudson, NicoleGeorgia PeachSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Hutchins-Kristen, BethanyGeluk HVFOP-FAccepted
Hyndman, KatherineDon't Split TensOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY
Isrow, OwenGet Your Buzz onOBNAccepted
Isrow, OwenPatrickJNRAccepted
Jacks-Smither, HollyAnderboch FlierOP-FAccepted
Jarman, CoreyKindred Spirit IIOMAccepted
Jarman, CoreyLiam's BarNHAccepted
Jarman, CoreyCreevaghstables Robin HoodTHAccepted - Incomplete
Jenner, AlexandraGaddy'sGoneBNRAccepted
Jensen, MollyEE High ExpectationsSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Jensen, MollyEE Noble's HonorSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Jerril, CeirinJamieSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Jimmerson, CarlaBDF Tag You're ItONAccepted - Incomplete50.00YBig Time Eventing
Johnson, AshleyCharlton FameOP-FAccepted
Johnson, CarolineWembleyONAccepted
Jones, AlisonJack of All TradesMRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYDestiny Farm
Joslyn, HeatherJackpotBNRAccepted
Kast, LizSesameBNRAccepted
Kawcak, ChrisAmelieSTRAccepted
Kays, DVM, KelleyFalconwood's Good KarmaSTRAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y
Kehoe, AshleyDaktarisOMAccepted
Kellock, JamieExcel Star Briarhill Sourpatch KidONAccepted - IncompleteHorse: USEA Number
Kelton, JacquieCruzeMRAccepted - Incomplete
Kelton, JacquieMiss Something SpecialTHAccepted - Incomplete
Kepferle, MeganAnakinOI-FAccepted - Incomplete
Kirchhoff, JesseWings of a DoveNHAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY
Kjellstrom, AnnaSportsfield CoolKennyNHAccepted - Incomplete
Koehler, KristinaFireman Isaac MaxOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Kuhn, AliLittle HailOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Lang-Gluscic, LeahFemme Fatale WEOI-FAccepted - Incomplete
Lawton, ChristinaTime ToSTRAccepted
LeBrun, SheriTriple ShotBNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY
Leblanc, CassandreRiffelOP-FAccepted
Lee, NancyPHF Wine Me UpSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Lesesne, MadlenItz Happy HourMRAccepted - Incomplete
Letarte, StephanieGarryNdruig AlbieSTRAccepted
Lewis, WendyUp On StageOPAccepted - Incomplete
Lichtenstein, ArianaKilltown WilliamBNRAccepted
Locklear, CaseyFLS Major BounceSTRAccepted
Lounsberry, SyrinaTrue GritOTAccepted
Low, MaggieWhoo Here We GoSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Low, WendyMr. SteveSNRAccepted - IncompleteCheckYAlex Martini Eventing
Lowe, ChelseaFernhill Malito ParkONAccepted - Incomplete
Lowe, ChelseaReginaldONAccepted - Incomplete
Lowery, KaitlynClap For MeSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Lowham, CateCasaltoJTRAccepted
Lowham, CateFernhill Frosted TopJTRAccepted
Luedke, ChelseaLarimarOTAccepted
Lund, LizFranklin Delano CFOMAccepted
Lund, LizR'Mani CFOP-FAccepted
MacMaster, EllaInvernessTHAccepted
Macauley, EmilyShaktiSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Maher, LeeHSH CellestoNHAccepted
Maher, LeeHSH ExplosionPRAccepted
Maher, LeeHSH HenryNHAccepted
Maher, LeeCascadella 8THAccepted
Maher, LeeHSH Tolan KingPRAccepted
Maher, LeeKir Royal SK ZOMAccepted
Maher, LeeRedfield Ids VittorioOMAccepted
Maher, LeeNext Generation EspecialeNHAccepted
Maher, LeeHSH KodiakNHAccepted
Malensek, KatieFE CheerioOTAccepted
Malensek, KatieValeskaNHAccepted
Maliff, EmmaMartini RidgeNHAccepted
Maroko, KatherineRosie's Little Miss LibertyMRAccepted - Incomplete
Marrinan, JuliaSnownadoOTAccepted
Martinez, MckennaCommitmentOP-FAccepted
Martinez, MckennaTarantinoONAccepted
Martini, AlexPoynstown JaguarIRAccepted - Incomplete115.0050.00YAlex Martini Eventing
Martini, AlexNielaOBNAccepted - Incomplete35.00EE Payment ReferenceYAlex Martini Eventing
Martynuk, KatiaAdiesta MoonMRAccepted - Incomplete
Masters, QuinWhistle Me A TuneOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Maxwell, KathleenThis Way to HeavenSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Maynard, SineadLightning V/ZONAccepted - Incomplete
Maynard, SineadCooley CadburyONAccepted - Incomplete
Maynard, TikKayanOMAccepted
Maynard, TikSKM Lux SonataOIAccepted - Incomplete
McAllister, JamieArmy RangerOI-FAccepted
McAllister, JamieGreenhall Master CruiseOTAccepted
McClain, EleanorAbbigaelBNRAccepted - Incomplete
McClain, EleanorCalla LilyBNRAccepted - Incomplete
McDonald, SandraCarrick Emerald DiamondTHAccepted
McDonald, SandraCarrick Uskerty FlightTHAccepted
McDonald, SandraOmard Hawaii GoldONAccepted
McLoone, AshlieKismets VictoryBNRAccepted
McMartin, KasidyNewtown's LlewellynMRAccepted - Incomplete
Mercado, EnriqueBalanca SDNOPAccepted - Incomplete
Mercado, EnriqueEsplendidaOMAccepted - Incomplete
Mercier, MichelleShirsheen Fun For AllIRAccepted
Mercier, MichelleCalpazanONAccepted
Merritt, AmandaApparitionOTAccepted
Merritt, AmandaSteam EngineONAccepted
Merritt, AmandaA Girls Best JimOBNAccepted
Merritt, AmandaTiz Nothing but CharismaOBNAccepted
Meyer, JoeChilli DawnOIAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeEl PlatanitoOMAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeFernhill IntrigueOMAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeGold de RiverlandOMAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeBallygriffin Crossfield CaraOMAccepted
Meyer, JoeCandy TrixOTAccepted - Incomplete
Meyerhoff, BobbyCabin Crimson LHPHAccepted
Meyerhoff, BobbyLumumbaOIAccepted
Miller, DonnaCoud'PokerOI-FAccepted - Incomplete
Miller, OliviaCommonwealth ChromeOTAccepted
Miller, OliviaConvince MeOMAccepted
Miller, OliviaCooley StarstruckIRAccepted
Miser, AndreaCalysta MWFSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Mogridge, MadelineJust DanceOMAccepted
Moguel, DanielaBorris SunbeamOTAccepted - Incomplete
Moguel, DanielaClevedon CalvinOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Moguel, DanielaCeceliaOIAccepted - Incomplete
Mommsen, AddiJJ JuniorBNRAccepted - IncompleteRocking Horse Release: Missing
Monroe, RaneyMonbeg MedlarSTRAccepted
Montieth, SydneySweet SerendipityOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Morgan Paul, MelissaHardwiredNHAccepted - Incomplete50.00YJones Forsberg
Morgan Paul, MelissaMunson SlewOMAccepted - Incomplete50.00YJones Forsberg
Morgan Paul, MelissaUptown IndyPRAccepted - Incomplete50.00YJones Forsberg
Mudd, EmilieCooley ThomascourtOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Mudd, EmilieQuite Nice 11OPAccepted - Incomplete
Muramatsu, MasaeFlatworkBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Murphy, BethJimbaOIAccepted
Murray, ElizabethFernhill FortitudeBNRAccepted
Newman, SarahHang TimeOMAccepted
Newton, ChrisNoble DiscoveryPRAccepted - Incomplete
Nicholson, LaurenLandmark's Jungle's GoldOI-FAccepted
Nicholson, LaurenZiggy StardustOP-FAccepted
Nicholson, LaurenButt's Aria WOMAccepted
Nolan, MichaelRock JenningsOMAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelRock OnTHAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelCarrabeg Hulla BalouOIAccepted
Nolan, MichaelCooley Black HawkOMAccepted
Nolan, MichaelJaliscaOBNAccepted
Nolan, MichaelSBT Good GuyOPAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelCool MacallanTHAccepted
Nolan, MichaelCreevagh City HSHPHAccepted
Nolan, MichaelFernhill GalavantPHAccepted
Noyes, ReaganScooby DudeIRAccepted
O'Brien, HannahCrazedSNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYBig Time Eventing
O'Connor, SiobhainSummer SolsticeOTAccepted
O'Donoghue, KeltyKilcannon Kandy KidIPAccepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, KeltyTonedoutTHAccepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, MeghanStorm ChaserOTAccepted
O'Donoghue, MeghanFashionable ManOI-FAccepted
O'Donoghue, MeghanGlobal ErosTHAccepted
O'Donoghue, MeghanDon RamonOBNAccepted
O'Donoghue, MeghanLoughnatousa Yours TrulyOTAccepted
O'Hanlon, SelenaDonail BalladeerOMAccepted
O'Hanlon, SelenaMaster ChanceOMAccepted
O'Hanlon, SelenaM S ThunderboltOI-FAccepted
O'Neal, AlexanderFernhill LiverpoolTHAccepted - Incomplete
O'Roark, CaitlinWhat The DevilIPAccepted
O'Rourke, BridgetSomething To Talk AboutJTRAccepted
ODell, SydneyFlying CurlinOBNAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y
Orem, ArielleIrisinaBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Pagan, ElizabethD'wild ExpectationOP-FAccepted - IncompleteRider: USEF Number Expired
Parker, EmmaEinarOBNAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYDestiny Farm
Patterson, ElsieFinnigan R-EOPAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYPatterson
Patterson, ElsieNelson PP-SMHONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYPatterson
Perrault, HopeNew AtlasBNRAccepted
Phillips, AlyssaCarrigshawn HFSOMAccepted
Phillips, AlyssaCornelius BoOIAccepted
Phillips, GeorgiaJoeys RewardOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Phillips, GeorgiaHumble PieNHAccepted - Incomplete
Phoenix, JessicaDunhallow Sampson's LegacyOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Phoenix, JessicaAlekhineOPAccepted - Incomplete
Phoenix, JessicaFluorescent AdolescentOIAccepted - Incomplete
Phoenix, JessicaFreedom GSOIAccepted - Incomplete
Phoenix, JessicaIsla GSOIAccepted - Incomplete
Phoenix, JessicaWabbitOIAccepted - Incomplete
Phoenix, JessicaWatson GSOPAccepted - Incomplete
Phoenix, JessicaClassicals Smartie PantsOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Phoenix, JessicaAeronauticsOMAccepted - Incomplete
Platt, DanielleSea RockONAccepted - Incomplete
Platt, DanielleTrendy HawkONAccepted - Incomplete
Pledge, DonnaDunhallow Cool CeilidhONAccepted - Incomplete
Poulsen, DanielleSnow LeopardOI-FAccepted - Incomplete
Pournelle, CatherineCooley On A QuestOMAccepted - Incomplete
Powell, FinleyFernhill G.I. JoeJTRAccepted
Preston, MaxineFernhill ThirtyOTAccepted - Incomplete
Pride, ValerieExcel Star Tiny DancerNHAccepted
Putnam, ShaenaZantangoJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Ramberg, MaiaWL Bon BelliniMRAccepted - Incomplete
Ramsey, PaigeMTF Cooley ClassicMRAccepted
Ransehousen, MissyMosstown RebelOMAccepted - Incomplete
Rawson, CindyTruly StellarOBNAccepted
Redden, EmmaArgentine GauchoBNRAccepted
Revak, MyaMiss Miami CatONAccepted
Richards, MadeleineGlobal BGKPRAccepted - Incomplete
Richards, MadeleineGlobal Turning PointOMAccepted - Incomplete
Riley, MadelineFortunate CookieBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Ripp, NeileyCry Me a RiveJNRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY
Riske, JordanMM Irish CloverOMAccepted - IncompleteRocking Horse Release: Missing
Rivera, KatherineMalmo 54OTAccepted
Rivero Fragoso, EduardoBimori SDNOIAccepted - Incomplete
Rivero Fragoso, EduardoColosoOIAccepted - Incomplete
Rivero Fragoso, EduardoEscandinavoOPAccepted - Incomplete
Rivero Fragoso, EduardoEzraOMAccepted - Incomplete
Rollins, ConorFlorestanNHAccepted - Incomplete
Rollins, ConorCavalier Monte CarlaOMAccepted - Incomplete
Rollins, ConorCopasetic QualityNHAccepted - Incomplete
Rollins, ConorQuality GemNHAccepted - Incomplete
Romanelli, LaurenAct ThreePRAccepted - Incomplete
Rosen, KatyBenevolenceSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Rosendaul, RuthLukeswellOTAccepted
Roswech, MeganSF NeptuneOMAccepted
Roth, RebeccaChapter TwoIPAccepted
Rousseau, MelanieCabriolet 18ONAccepted
Roux, RomuloQuality ExplosionSTRAccepted
Ruane, GabrielleMHS MufasaOIAccepted - Incomplete
Ruane, GabrielleRHS Obora's GoldwingOIAccepted - Incomplete
Rubash, KristinCaponePRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY
Rutherford, MeigsFormal AffairOTAccepted
Saenz, CamilaGreystone LadMRAccepted - Incomplete
Said, SashaI DunNoSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Santiago Franco, LuisAjusco SDNOIAccepted - Incomplete
Santiago Franco, LuisBeldadOPAccepted - Incomplete
Santiago Franco, LuisEgipcioOPAccepted - Incomplete
Santiago Franco, LuisEutropiaOMAccepted - Incomplete
Sarnoff, ClaudiaCallan QuintoPRAccepted
Sawtell, ChelseyCovenantONAccepted
Scarrone, MelissaAna's AffairSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Schaef, CharlotteNormandy's Cole's CloverBNRAccepted
Schneider, JessicaPeter PanSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Schulman, SaraCotillionOMAccepted - Incomplete
Scovil, LexiKeep CalmOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Seguin, SabrinaVoila VoltaireONAccepted
Seidel, KelseyWater Mill SmoothPRAccepted - Incomplete
Seidel, KelseyDiamant De J'Adore YSHOMAccepted - Incomplete
Shoffner, JanineO-Ren IshiiOTAccepted
Shull, JessicaSeawolf MWFOTAccepted - Incomplete
Shull, JessicaRedbud Knight watchOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Sibley, SamanthaRHS Casallco StarJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Siltumens, LijaMister KokomoMRAccepted
Simpson, JebbGrantstown Coney StreetOTAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlVandanONAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlArdeo Dance MonkeyTHAccepted - Incomplete
Smith, AmandaTug of WarMRAccepted
Smith, KendalRedfield LaveiONAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY
Smith, TiffanyMischief ManagedOBNAccepted
Smyth, PaightonOver The FallsSTRAccepted
Snyder, RaelynAmerican ThunderJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Staden, BeckyImastarPRAccepted - Incomplete
Stamper, EmilySir Patico MHSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Stephenson, JaneCappuccino Pijnvenhof ZONAccepted - Incomplete
Stewart, LindsayTangerine TaxiBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Stewart, SarahJust SoOBNAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY
Straub, FlanneryAble OppositionBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Stremple, Sophie AnnFernhill Fifth AvenueOMAccepted - Incomplete
Stremple, Sophie AnnDevine GwendolynOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Stremple, Sophie AnnRoger ThatNHAccepted - Incomplete
Strini, BenitaDassett EvermoreTHAccepted
Surasky, KathrynCrazy TrendTHAccepted - Incomplete
Surratt, BriggsBooming BodhranOI-FAccepted - Incomplete
Surratt, BriggsCortureOI-FAccepted - Incomplete
Sussman, DaniBacanaONAccepted - Incomplete
Sussman, DaniBaral TriumphTHAccepted - Incomplete
Sussman, DaniJos BravioOIAccepted - Incomplete
Sussman, DaniRR SimpleOTAccepted - Incomplete
Sutherland, CaitlynEMS FlorenceIRAccepted - Incomplete
Sutton, LilySullivanJTRAccepted - Incomplete
Swire, ElizabethSportsfield Trendy TooONAccepted - Incomplete
Symansky, LynnDHI KickodiezaNHAccepted
Symansky, LynnBounce 6OIAccepted
Symansky, LynnCarambaNHAccepted
Symansky, LynnChesterland's JuiceTHAccepted
Szczepanik, KatieFernhill Splish SplashSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Tallman, AveryRehy InvestorJTRAccepted
Teich, CarolineFlagmount's SpartanOI-FAccepted
Teich, CarolineWilling HeroNHAccepted - Incomplete
Temkin, MadisonBubbles and BourbonTHAccepted - Incomplete
Teresi, GinaMatch RightSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Tett, AlexandraCarlingford RockabillyNHAccepted - Incomplete
Thomas, JeanHSH TangerineNHAccepted - Incomplete
Thomas, JeanHSH Redfield HarasNHAccepted
Thomas, JeanLambrusco WNHAccepted - Incomplete336.00
Tiberg, TaylorText MeJTRAccepted - Incomplete
Tierney, MauraBallytarsna Dunne WaitingSNRAccepted
Tracy, KendylJustifiedOP-FAccepted
Tracy, KendylDr MacONAccepted
Tresan, DevonSilver LiningsOBNAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYTresan
Tresan, DevonZavalloMRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceYTresan
Tucker, NickyPandoraBNRAccepted
Turner, ElizabethUS WarriorSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Tyner, ClaireFly High HarveyOMAccepted - Incomplete
Uselding, JaeliMy Fair PrinceJNRAccepted
VanderWoude, ClareHindineMRAcceptedCheckYJones Forsberg
Vello, LauraDuke of RockNHAccepted
Violi, BarbieCrugraffOMAccepted
Wages, ErinMorrisonOTAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY
Walker, RobinCappog Ferro Royale CDSPHAccepted - Incomplete
Wallace, ElisaLissavorra QualityOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Wallace, ElisaTullymurry FifiOI-FAccepted - Incomplete
Wallace, ElisaSharp DecisionOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Wallace, ElisaRenkum CorsairOI-FAccepted - Incomplete
Walter, LucyBold ColorsSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Walters, DarleneConcord DawnMRAccepted - Incomplete
Walters, DarleneFunnel Cake DRFOMAccepted - Incomplete
Ward III, WilliamPhantom of theOperaOMAccepted - Incomplete
Ward III, WilliamExces de FolieOMAccepted - IncompleteEntry: Missing
Weber Allsop, ElizabethBears PegasusOP-FAccepted
Weber Allsop, ElizabethJamaican VacationSTRAccepted
Wegerich, EllaVC CasandraONAccepted
Welch, SavannahLangcasterSTRAccepted
Wick, EmmaAvalon RealtaMRAccepted
Wiles, SammieWar FleetSNRAccepted
Willnow, KimAshes to AshesSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Wilson, TeahJunior MintSTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY
Wlodarczyk, CarolynLimited EditionMRAccepted
Wlodarski, CarolineOrneri HenriSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Woronowicz, RobertaFuerst FargeauxSTRAccepted - Incomplete50.00YWoronowicz
Wyatt, AldenI'mherealldayJTRAccepted
Zendgraft, KendallMystic WhorlSNRAccepted - Incomplete
du Celliee Muller, AlexandraHH ZephyrONAccepted - Incomplete
du Celliee Muller, AlexandraPink RCONAccepted - Incomplete

Division Entries
BNRBeginner Novice Rider32
IRIntermediate Rider9
JNRJunior Novice Rider11
JTRJunior Training Rider20
MRModified Rider25
NHNovice Horse37
OBNOpen Beginner Novice27
OIOpen Intermediate32
OI-FOpen Intermediate One Day (Friday)17
OMOpen Modified56
ONOpen Novice41
OPOpen Preliminary25
OP-FOpen Preliminary One Day (Friday)31
OTOpen Training40
PHPreliminary Horse6
PRPreliminary Rider16
SNRSenior Novice Rider27
STRSenior Training Rider28
THTraining Horse24