Rocking Horse Winter II H.T.(Feb 2023) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Adams, MollyCougar CrestBNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 7River Birch Farm
Adams, MollyZenith Almost Got AwaySNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 8River Birch Farm
Adams-Blackmore, LeaFrostbiteOPAccepted
Allport, ViennaDHI Zatopek BPRAccepted
Alminde, OliviaGiltnachtSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Anderson, KatherineHigh ClassPRAccepted
Anderson, TawnieGorgeous In GreyIRAccepted - Incomplete
Anderson, TawnieRavishingONAccepted - Incomplete
Applebaum, AvaFE Bail Me OutMRAccepted - Incomplete
Armstrong, EmmaNewmanPRAccepted
Autio, BellePongoBNRAccepted - IncompleteCheckY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 12Sandstone Equestrian
Ayre, EmmaCelestial BlissPHAccepted - Incomplete
Ayre, EmmaPower StrikeIRAccepted
Babbitt, Charlotte2 A.M.A-AAccepted
Backus, MadelineGrand LilyOBNAccepted
Backus, MadelineSlew the BluesNHAccepted
Baker, ShanonBallingowan ZealIPAccepted
Baker, ShanonFernhill KarambaIPAccepted
Baker, ShanonFly BoyOIAccepted
Barnes, IsabellaCairo CometBNRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 8
Barnette, JerryFernhill ThirtyPRAccepted
Baughman, WoodsC'est La Vie 135A-BAccepted
Baughman, WoodsKamara CFFOIAccepted
Beckers, KalieCalla GBFONAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 15
Bell, Candace ElizabethFernhill Philm StarA-BAccepted
Bellissimo, LucienneDamorkusOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 5Bellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneDuke's JoryOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 6Bellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneEaster StarOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 7Bellissimo
Bellissimo, LucienneHermineOTAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 8Bellissimo
Bennett, AbigailStormin HotBNRAccepted
Bennett, AbigailRavin's TreasureBNRAccepted
Bessellieu, AubreyCreative FinanceBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Bittle, TessLegolasBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Blumel, DaynaCabo WaboOTAccepted - Incomplete
Bowers, AmyDel Mar BellePRAccepted - Incomplete
Bowersox, JoeMercuryPHAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 10Bowersox
Bowersox, JoeCape Silverstar ZNHAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 9Bowersox
Bradley, ShelbyWingmanTHAccepted - Incomplete
Brandt, HannahFernhill EmeraldNHAccepted - Incomplete
Brandt, HannahPhilosophicalONAccepted - Incomplete
Brost, ShelbyQuality CorruptionNHAccepted
Brown, RebeccaA.C. Blue-KLONAccepted
Brown, RebeccaDassett ChoiceOIAccepted
Brown, RebeccaFernhill Quite FranklyOTAccepted
Brown, RebeccaGlobal ChanelONAccepted
Burdette, MelissaLH Moment in TimeBNRAccepted
Burnett, DianaMurphy's Got CharmOPAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaSomersbyOTAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaLike A BossOTAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaMint MonsterOPAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaRight Wing ManOIAccepted - Incomplete
Burnett, DianaWhatisyourproblemOIAccepted - Incomplete
Bush, SarahFGF StarcatcherSTRAccepted
Byars, IselinBloomfield Pocket MoneyJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Byars, TheodoraHH GunsmokeJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Caflisch, BrittneyBalance DueSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Carattini, SophiaArtaxJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Carpio, MelissaI Believe in KarmaSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Carter, KellyMy MexicoOTAccepted
Carter, KyleHSH Black MagicTHAccepted
Carter, KyleG Star Van De KlinkenbergOIAccepted
Carter, KyleMolon LabeONAccepted - Incomplete
Carter, MadisonHella FamousJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Cassar, JulianaCheranimoMRAccepted
Cassar, JulianaFarwest De BarbereauOTAccepted
Catlett, Mary CookeCooley RomanceOTAccepted
Catsulis, HannahEnochBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Catsulis, HannahVanilla IceJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Cerbone, SusanSeattke SangareeBNRAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y - Barn 1 - Aisle B 1Jones Forsberg
Cole, NancyPhantom of theOperaOMAccepted
Coleman, WilliamLarcot ZOIAccepted
Coleman, WilliamDHI AnchormanOPAccepted
Coleman, WilliamGorgeous DHIOIAccepted
Cooke, DanaFE Monte CarloTHAccepted - Incomplete
Cooke, DanaFE NacominaOTAccepted - Incomplete
Cooke, DanaGlobal Stellar BlingPHAccepted - Incomplete
Cooke, DanaSawyerTHAccepted - Incomplete
Cooke, DanaAs You WishOTAccepted - Incomplete10.00
Costello, AshleyBourbon FlightSTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 13Sandstone Equestrian
Cotton, LacyClintosOBNAccepted
Coulter, EmilyArtibellaOM-FAccepted - IncompleteRider: Safe Sport Expired
Cousins, SarahTiz ReadyOIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 15Cousins
Cousins, SarahWizardA-AAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 16Cousins
Crampton, SonyaBonmahon FlashOIAccepted
Dahms, TriciaYule Do ItOTAccepted
Danielson, StellaPHE KeepsakeOTAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceCerafino DOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceErroll GobeyA-BAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceSorocaimaA-AAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceChesterland's Silver LiningOTAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceDHI ShowmanOIAccepted - Incomplete
Davidson Jr., BruceNimsTHAccepted - Incomplete
DeMarle, KathleenFire the GreenhornSNRAccepted
Dean, Cameron ElizabethMusical JourneySNRAccepted - Incomplete
Diaz, GabrielaThe Glory MusicNHAccepted - Incomplete
Dickerson, GabbyCasaltoOTAccepted - Incomplete
Dickerson, GabbyRoyal SempaticaOTAccepted - Incomplete
Dickerson, GabbyGortglas LupinTHAccepted - Incomplete
Dickerson, GabbyTop CarreraTHAccepted - Incomplete
Dickerson, GabbyTop RoxTHAccepted - Incomplete
Dilger, GraceWhole Nine YardsSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Dorr, CorneliaDHI Qyaracolle ZIPAccepted - Incomplete
Dorr, CorneliaSir Patico MHONAccepted - Incomplete
Dorr, CorneliaDaytona Beach 8OIAccepted - Incomplete
Duarte, AnnemarieRather BoldlyMRAccepted
Earle, KarenWhimsicalBNRAccepted
Edwards, SolomonGiant RedPRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 3Willow South
Edwards, TawnDelta ZOBNAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 5Willow South
Edwards, TawnWHF ZoomONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 6Willow South
Ellington, SarahZ BlueSNRAccepted
Engels, AllyssaColludingONAccepted
Farrell, ErinAtaviousTHAccepted - Incomplete
Farrell, ErinGoode HopeONAccepted
Fatehdin, HannahThings To PonderJNRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 4AMP Equestrian
Fatehdin, KamranNative Black LabelBNRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 3AMP Equestrian
Felps, CarlieJust My StyleBNRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 2
Fiorita, CocoOskarBNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 16
Fitzhugh, AnnaShirsheen Deal Me InOP-FAccepted
Fletcher, JacobFabianOIAccepted
Ford, CarolineRegBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Frank, CatherineDickens of Holme RanchJTRAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y - Barn 1 - Aisle D 14Palmer
Frank, LilahHabaneraONAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y - Barn 1 - Aisle D 15Palmer
Fredericks, ClaytonFE DamascusONAccepted
Fredericks, ClaytonFE SpidermanONAccepted
Gardiner, AmandaFE Crack the CodeONAccepted - Incomplete
Gardiner, MeganDiva JaneOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Garland, VictoriaDay TripperOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Gibson, AnnaBlack LabelSTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 9Gibson
Gibson, AnnaCruise on CooleySNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 10Gibson
Gillette, HeatherVincent ChaseA-AAccepted - Incomplete
Goodman, StephanieEsmèeOP-FAccepted
Goodman, StephanieDrs ResoluteOP-FAccepted
Goth, MAJ (Ret) TeddBallymores Diamond LassSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Grald, ArielCaballeOIAccepted
Grald, ArielDiaraOIAccepted
Gutierrez, PedroCalifornia MailA-AAccepted
Hagen, AinsleyArdeo On A MissionOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Hailey, AnnaRomaSNRAccepted
Hale, MaddieCinzano 87IRAccepted
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethAlina SDOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethMaybachOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethNewmarket CooleyOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Harris, LilyFeeling CourageousJTRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 14Sandstone Equestrian
Hartford, KaitlinBazillion BellsIPAccepted
Hays, AshleyCajun QualityOMAccepted - Incomplete
Heroux, CallieStarlit DancerOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Heroux, CallieFinding NemoOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Hobbs, ElizabethFE SteenkenBNRAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y - Barn 1 - Aisle A 11Callaway Sporthorses
Hoffman, MikaylaEliA-AAccepted
Holbrook, CynthiaSweet PeaOBNAccepted
Honey, DeniseEnchantressBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Houberg, MorganMade To OrderOPAccepted - Incomplete
Huber, CheryeRocket ManSNRAccepted
Huber, MikeFernhill LiverpoolTHAccepted - Incomplete
Huber, MikeWyn in DublinOBNAccepted - IncompleteCheckY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 11SHRA
Hughes, RowanTattletaleBNRAccepted
Hutchins-Kristen, BethanyGeluk HVFOPAccepted - Incomplete
Ireland, ChristenFlorida BayOP-FAccepted
Ireland, ChristenMaple's MischiefNHAccepted
Ireland, ChristenOscarOTAccepted
Jarman, CoreyKindred Spirit IIOM-FAccepted
Jarnstrom-Dennis, JennieFlower GirlOIAccepted - Incomplete
Jenkins, KathrynFirst CommanderNHAccepted - Incomplete
Jensen, MollyEE High ExpectationsSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Johnson, AshleyCharlton FameOM-FAccepted
Johnson, AshleyNijinskyTHAccepted
Jones, AlisonJack of All TradesTHAccepted - Incomplete
Joslyn, HeatherJackpotBNRAccepted
Kellermann, QuidleyBlakeneys CruiseJTRAccepted
Kepferle, MeganThe Brave Little ToasterONAccepted - Incomplete
Kilpatrick, LeaStellaOTAccepted - Incomplete
Knott, McKenaPaulank PetuniaTHAccepted - Incomplete
Knott, McKenaO'BradyNHAccepted - Incomplete
Krieger, SamanthaCoal HarbourOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Lambert, Lauren50 Shades of EnvyOMAccepted
Lambert, LaurenLe Vent NoirOTAccepted
Lambert, LaurenBiscottiOP-FAccepted
Lambert, LaurenFantastiqueONAccepted
Lambert, LaurenDPH KONTIKIOIAccepted
Lampton, IreneDesiONAccepted - Incomplete
Law, LeslieCountess CooleyOIAccepted
Law, LeslieVoltaire De TreA-BAccepted
Law, LeslieWestwick RebelOIAccepted
Lawson, RachelHigh TideOPAccepted
Lawton, ChristinaTime ToSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Lee, FannyConnorNHAccepted
Lehari, KendalAudaciousA-BAccepted - Incomplete
Lehari, KendalDarcyOIAccepted - Incomplete
Lehari, KendalMitchellOIAccepted - Incomplete
Lesesne, MadlenItz Happy HourSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Lichtenstein, ArianaKilltown WilliamBNRAccepted
Lilley, ShannonCluesoA-BAccepted
Lilley, ShannonIdeal HXA-BAccepted
Lilley, ShannonEindhoven GaretteOIAccepted
Littlefield, AudreyMr. PumpkinOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Littlefield, AudreyPrince RenanOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Locklear, CaseyFLS Major BounceSTRAccepted
Lorenzo, LisaBallinglen KingSTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 2Jones Forsberg
Loschiavo, AnnaFernhill That Guy JackA-BAccepted - Incomplete
Losey, MirandaUnkas BoyTHAccepted
Lowe, MakenzieBT Jump the GunMRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 12SHRA
Lowe, MakenzieJourney with MeMRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 14SHRA
Lowham, CateFernhill Frosted TopJNRAccepted
Lund, LizFranklin Delano CFOMAccepted
Lund, LizR'Mani CFOP-FAccepted
Madden-Hennessey, CooperRetsamiSTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 1
Malensek, KatieLandjaegerA-BAccepted
Malensek, KatieMRF QwlkstepPHAccepted
Marrinan, JuliaSnownadoOTAccepted
Maynard, TikKayanOTAccepted
Maytham, HeatherJR SuperstarOTAccepted - Incomplete
McAllister, JamieArmy RangerA-BAccepted
McAllister, JamieGreenhall Master CruiseOTAccepted
McAllister, LidaFernhill Leitrim LassOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 3RB Riding
McDonald, SandraCarrick Uskerty FlightSTRAccepted
McDonald, StellaFE Hard Day's NightSTRAccepted
McIntosh, SeanAlfredo SauceOIAccepted
McMichael, HillaryLexiconONAccepted
McNamara, MichelleMaster ClassSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Mercier, MichelleShirsheen Fun For AllIRAccepted - Incomplete
Messaglia, LizGreenfort CarnivalIRAccepted
Meyer, JoeEl PlatanitoOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeFE Chiara MiaOIAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeSimple HeartedOIAccepted - Incomplete
Meyerhoff, BobbyMSH Cabin CollusionOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Meyerhoff, BobbyTon Of GoldNHAccepted
Meyerhoff, BobbyMowgliTHAccepted
Middlebrook, SophiaBetterthanexpectedOPAccepted
Middlebrook, SophiaProntissimoOIAccepted
Miklos, EmmaNormanJTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 3Jones Forsberg
Miller, DonnaCoud'PokerIRAccepted - Incomplete
Miller, DonnaMachno Fear DunOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Miller, OliviaConvince MeTHAccepted
Miller, OliviaCommonwealth ChromeOTAccepted
Mitchell, AnneTF ParamountMRAccepted - Incomplete
Molinar, TessStonehavens Royal TouchOPAccepted
Montague, PaigeI Candy SCFOMAccepted - IncompleteRocking Horse Release: Missing
Montgomery, ClarkHSH Redfield Poynstown MarshallOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Moreshead, AmyKhaleesiONAccepted - Incomplete
Morgan Paul, MelissaHardwiredNHAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y - Barn 1 - Aisle B 4Jones Forsberg
Morgan Paul, MelissaMunson SlewOM-FAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y - Barn 1 - Aisle B 5Jones Forsberg
Morgan Paul, MelissaUptown IndyOP-FAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y - Barn 1 - Aisle B 6Jones Forsberg
Morgan, MargaretBuck Neigh KidSTRAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y - Barn 1 - Aisle C 15Sandstone Equestrian
Morgan, RachelSeventyseven HonorSNRAccepted
Mumme, KristenDarby RoseNHAccepted - Incomplete
Muniz, SophiaHVL Hocus PocusOTAccepted - Incomplete
Muniz, SophiaJenga SOPAccepted - Incomplete
Musselman, JaneDuke of DiamondSTRAccepted
Musselman, JaneEngaporeONAccepted
Nealy, CarlyOpen LuckSNRAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y - Barn 1 - Aisle A 12Callaway Sporthorses
Neneman, NataliaAlazneTHAccepted - Incomplete
New, LaurenZenith Petite EtoileTHAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 9River Birch Farm
New, LaurenFlying AgainOM-FAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 10River Birch Farm
New, LaurenRomolo's FriarOM-FAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 11River Birch Farm
Nicholson, LaurenLandmark's Monte CarloOP-FAccepted
Nicholson, LaurenLandmark's MonacoOP-FAccepted
Nicholson, LaurenI'll Have AnotherOIAccepted
Niehues, ChristyDarkoOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Niehues, ChristyFlight SchoolPRAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelCarrabeg Hulla BalouOIAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelRock JenningsOMAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelRock OnTHAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelSBT Good GuyOTAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelFernhill GalavantOM-FAccepted
Nolan, MichaelCreevaugh City HSHOMAccepted
Nolan, MichaelHonor SocietyIPAccepted
Novak, IsabellaDreamlinerMRAccepted - IncompleteTrainer: Safe Sport Expired
Noyes, ReaganScooby DudePRAccepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, KeltyTonedoutTHAccepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, KeltyFortunate CookieOBNAccepted
O'Hanlon, SelenaM S ThunderboltOIAccepted
O'Neal, AlexanderRedtail PenumbraOPAccepted - Incomplete
O'Neal, AlexanderCreevagh Stables at FirstOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Ortmeyer, JennarosePrimrosePRAccepted - Incomplete
Palmer, AndrewLadinoPHAccepted - Incomplete50.00Y - Barn 1 - Aisle D 16Palmer
Partridge, LynneLiamOBNAccepted
Patsko, LucyInANewYorkMinuteNHAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 7
Peinado, ScarlettSecond AmendmentJTRAccepted - IncompleteBarn 1 - Aisle C 2
Pellegrini, MegGlobal NaxosOIAccepted
Pellegrini, MegRF EloquenceA-BAccepted
Pelletier, Lea-ClaudeCherry LaneONAccepted
Pelletier, Lea-ClaudeGolden NuggetOMAccepted
Pepin, PeytonPopular HarlingtonBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Perreault, HopeNew AtlasBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Petrillo, RamonaCopaCabanaNHAccepted
Petrillo, RamonaGoodnight IreneOBNAccepted
Phillips, AlyssaCarrigshawn HFSOTAccepted - Incomplete
Phillips, AlyssaCornelius BoOP-FAccepted
Phillips, GeorgiaJoeys RewardOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Phillips, GeorgiaHumble PieNHAccepted - Incomplete
Pierce, AnnaObiejohnOIAcceptedCheckY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 1AMP Equestrian
Pierce, AnnaDreamweaverTHAcceptedCheckY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 2AMP Equestrian
Pittman, SashaHighly SuspectJNRAccepted
Platt, DanielleSea RockONAccepted - Incomplete
Platt, DanielleTee Cee BeeOTAccepted - Incomplete
Pournelle, CatherineCooley On A QuestOMAccepted - Incomplete
Pride, ValerieExcel Star Tiny DancerNHAccepted
Ragusa, GregLone Star WSSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Rahe, CamdynMighty SpicyNHAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 6RB Riding
Rahe, CamdynTullibards Chance TakenOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 5RB Riding
Ramberg, MaiaFourFields QualiteaseOBNAccepted
Ramberg, MaiaWL Bon BelliniMRAccepted
Rath, DeniseArdeo Storm AlertOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Reagin, JesseRCA Society LawOP-FAccepted
Reed, AlexOn BroadwayOIAccepted - Incomplete
Richards, LouisaArdeo HighlanderOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Ripp, NeileyCry Me a RiveJNRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle C 16
Riske, JordanMM Irish CloverOTAccepted
Roberts, AddisonBlack Tie AffairBNRAccepted
Rogers, RiverRedfield JimJTRAccepted
Romanelli, LaurenBallmullo's Day OffTHAccepted - Incomplete
Roswech, MeganSF NeptuneOMAccepted
Rovira, CemoneDiaMillionOTAccepted - Incomplete
Rovira, CemoneMonbeg TrademarkTHAccepted - Incomplete
Rovira, SydneyOakdaleA-BAccepted - Incomplete
Ruppel, KatieLorenzoOPAccepted
Ruppel, KatieRinnwood Big CatOPAccepted
Saenz, CamilaGreystone LadJTRAccepted - IncompleteRocking Horse Release: Missing
Said, SashaI DunNoSNRAccepted
Sanger, CassieFernhill ZoroA-BAccepted
Sanger, CassieRedfield FyreOIAccepted
Saxe, LeilaCooley VitaOMAccepted
Saxe, LeilaFE DucattiOBNAccepted
Schambacher, TaylorFGF The BadgerSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Schielein, MelissaLittle Indian Boy RSFPHAccepted - Incomplete
Scholtz, JannaFernhill LocklannSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Schultz, ChristianaCatalina RoseOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Schultz, JessicaRocky Top CityIRAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 1
Schwartz, WillowFlashy BanditJNRAccepted
Scott, MadeleineCrosby's GoldA-BAccepted
Scovil, LexiChico's Man VDF ZOIAccepted - IncompleteRider: USEF Number Expired
Seidel, KelseyWater Mill SmoothOMAccepted
Seltser, BrieParis In ColorOBNAccepted - IncompleteUSEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Shoffner, JanineO-Ren IshiiONAccepted
Siltumens, LijaMister KokomoMRAccepted - Incomplete
Slagle, JacquelineCountdown at CapeSTRAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlArdeo Dance MonkeyTHAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlChevalierOIAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlCreevaghstables Robin HoodTHAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlHot BoboA-AAccepted - Incomplete
Slezak, KarlCarrick Emerald DiamondTHAccepted
Slezak, KarlFE CheerioOTAccepted
Smith, AmandaTug of WarOTAccepted
Spillers, ElizabethProven ReputationOTAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment Reference,EE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle A 14,Barn 1 - Aisle A 13Callaway Sporthorses
Spoltore, FrancescaFernhill Above and BeyondOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Spoltore, FrancescaFernhill VitalityOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Staden, BeckyImastarOP-FAccepted - Incomplete
Steger, AbigailMillennium FalconSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Strini, BenitaDassett EvermoreOTAccepted
Strini, BenitaDassett Koi-SamuiOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Strini, LuciaKeynote DassettOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Strini, LuciaDHI Kevin GOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Strote, ElleKarmic CallingIRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn 1 - Aisle D 8
Surratt, BriggsBooming BodhranIRAccepted - Incomplete
Surratt, BriggsCortureIRAccepted - Incomplete
Symansky, LynnBounce 6OPAccepted
Symansky, LynnCarambaOBNAccepted
Symansky, LynnChesterland's JuiceTHAccepted
Teich, CarolineFlagmount's SpartanOIAccepted
Temkin, MadisonFernhill BertusONAccepted
Temkin, MadisonFernhill FairytaleONAccepted
Temkin, MadisonMVP MadbumOIAccepted
Temkin, MadisonThe Great GatsbyONAccepted - Incomplete
Teresi, GinaMatch RightBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Thompson, AllisonKaceyOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Tierney, MauraBallytarsna Dunne WaitingSNRAccepted
Tinney, SamanthaCooley DreamcatcherOMAccepted - Incomplete
Tinney, SamanthaCooley SOSOPAccepted - Incomplete
Tinney, SamanthaCutty SarkA-BAccepted - Incomplete
Tucker, NickyPandoraBNRAccepted
Tyner, ClaireFly High HarveyOTAccepted - Incomplete
Uselding, JaeliMy Fair PrinceJNRAccepted - Incomplete
VanderWoude, ClareHindineMRAccepted - IncompleteCheckY - Barn 1 - Aisle B 7Jones Forsberg
Villines, ArdenSyncline's SambucaTHAccepted - Incomplete
Walker, RobinCappog Ferro Royale CDSPHAccepted - Incomplete
Walker, RobinCavalier BouncerOBNAccepted
Wallace, ElisaRenkum CorsairOIAccepted - Incomplete
Wallace, ElisaTullymurry FifiOIAccepted - Incomplete
Walter, LucyBold ColorsSNRAccepted - Incomplete
Ward III, WilliamExces de FolieTHAccepted - Incomplete
Weber Allsop, ElizabethJamaican VacationSTRAccepted
White, SharonClaus 63OIAccepted
White, SharonGinger IIOP-FAccepted
White, SharonJaguars DuendeOP-FAccepted
White, SharonShirsheen IceOP-FAccepted
White, SharonArden KatnissNHAccepted
White, SharonMystique RoseNHAccepted
White, SharonNamara CFFNHAccepted
White, SharonKarina MTNHAccepted
Wilkerson, FaithEvening MelodyOTAccepted - Incomplete
Wilkerson, FaithSan BlastONAccepted - Incomplete
Williams, AbbyP.S. Etoile De NordJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Wilson, VirginiaJ-TrumanOM-FAccepted - Incomplete
Winkler, LaurenFinleySNRAccepted - Incomplete
Wolfert, JulieMarvelous Mrs. HazelONAccepted
Wolfert, JulieSSH PlayboyOIAccepted
Worden, PippaGlendening PhalonJNRAccepted - Incomplete
Wrigley, HughFE SantosOMAccepted
Wrigley, HughLuksorOTAccepted
Yates, AngieDonastarOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Zhuravlev, MichelleIncognitoPHAccepted - Incomplete
Zweig, AnnaNuance SHSNRAccepted - Incomplete

Division Entries
A-AAdvanced - Test A 7
A-BAdvanced - Test B15
BNRBeginner Novice Rider25
IRIntermediate Rider10
JNRJunior Novice Rider13
JTRJunior Training Rider7
MRModified Rider10
NHNovice Horse21
OBNOpen Beginner Novice25
OIOpen Intermediate41
OMOpen Modified14
OM-FOpen Modified One Day (Friday)16
ONOpen Novice28
OPOpen Preliminary16
OP-FOpen Preliminary One Day (Friday)24
OTOpen Training40
PHPreliminary Horse8
PRPreliminary Rider9
SNRSenior Novice Rider18
STRSenior Training Rider21
THTraining Horse29